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Customer Care

We are devoted to working with you to make your experience here at as enjoyable as possible, so please feel free to contact us about any inquiries, or ways we can improve, at We also offer a space for you to share your PhenickX experience, and share photos of your favorite PhenickX tee's in our PhenickX Odyssey community. We ask that you are respectful to all other users and make this space feel welcoming to new members.

Privacy & Safety

Customer privacy is highly important to PhenickX, and staying safe in online communities is a part of today's modern society. PhenickX will NOT save any passwords used to create Odyssey accounts, and your confidentiality as a customer is upheld. When signing up for the Odyssey you are not obliged to sign up with your name, if you wish to be anonymous, just use an appropriate placeholder name that you wish to associate with your image. We will also only use the image if you check the permission box, and the images will be solely used for the PhenickX Odyssey, and Instagram, if applicable.

Wholesale Inquiries

We are currently not setting our awesome products in any retail stores. Help support us to one day achieve that dream!

Payment Methods

- Credit / Debit Cards
- PAYPAL (coming soon!)

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